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Raptors vs. Heat: Toronto looks to win in 6 while away from the 6ix

Just think of the memes we could roll out if the Raptors beat the Heat in Game 6.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Here are a random collection of thoughts and rhetorical questions to consider as the Raptors rumble into Game 6 against the Heat:

  • Can you believe the Raptors are one win away from the Conference Finals?
  • Too bad about Jonas Valanciunas. This series would already be over if he was playing.
  • That said, what would it be like of Hassan Whiteside was still playing?
  • We should be worried about DeMarre Carroll playing with, essentially, one good arm.
  • We should not be worried about Luol Deng playing with, essentially, one good arm.
  • If I could, I'd lay a bet somewhere on the enormity of Dwyane Wade's performance tonight.
  • This would never happen if Joe Johnson was still alive (and not dead on the inside).
  • Kyle Lowry may have to play all 48 minutes tonight, no joke.
  • The over/under on bad DeMar DeRozan jumpers is set at 13.5 and I'm taking the over.
  • Damn, I wish Jonas was still playing.
  • I'm opposed to the idea of firing Dwane Casey at this juncture.
  • Please, no one wants to have to look at whatever t-shirt design they come up with for a possible Game 7. There's only so much we, as fans, can take.
  • Game 7 Drake is gonna be pretty turnt though.
  • Stop. Let's win it in 6. Let's do it. We can do it. (Right?)

For the usual details, check out Dan Grant's preview over here.

Then, get in the comments and let's go.