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Bismack Biyombo offers up a rebuttal in Game 5

Well then.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I wrote a semi-whiny piece about how even in winning it feels like the Raptors are losing. It's a piece to which all we can say now, after the Raptors rollicking (and tense) 99-91 Game 5 win over the Heat, is: LOL.

Why is that the case? Our favourite big man, Bismack Biyombo, offers up a rebuttal.

Honestly, I could watch that Vine forever. To quote Indiana Jones: It belongs in a museum. It's beautiful. I love it.

The Raptors almost gave the lead away again down the stretch of Game 5. I missed the first half but was able to watch the anxiety-inducing final 24 minutes in real time. And Biyombo, well, he shut me up good.

Update: Here's the entire sequence. This legit brings a tear to my eye.

The Raptors are one win from the Eastern Conference Finals. Point taken.