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Listen to The HeadQuarters: Episode 31, brought to you by Ed Davis

The Raptors are tied at 2 in the second round, so why are we so sad?

Warren Little/Getty Images

Welcome to The HeadQuarters!

This week Sean Woodley is joined by Harsh Dave to discuss the painfully ugly Raptors-Heat series that is now tied 2-2, break down the issues DeMar DeRozan is having, lament the loss of Jonas Valanciunas, consider the mindset of the fan base after such a weird run through the playoffs and so much more. This episode is brought to you by Ed Davis.

Listen to the show at the BlogTalk Radio link before, or get it first by subscribing to the show on iTunes! Also be sure to tune in to our live post-game show: HQ Overtime with John Gaudes immediately following every Raptors playoff game!

Music Courtesy The Passion Hifi