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Huge, if True: The New York Knicks are interested in Masai Ujiri?

This is some very rich, totally oblivious news from the New York Knicks.

Gallo Images/Getty Images

As the New York Knicks tumble along through another terrible season, some news emerges. No, not that bit about promoting Kurt Rambis to be the full-time head coach next season. (Though I'm already excited for the distraught takes on Knicks Twitter for that one.) I'm talking about the curious tidbit that mentions the interest the Knicks have in the Raptors' current GM and saviour, Masai Ujiri.

As reported by Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, the Knicks are already looking down the road to their inevitable search for a new team president once Phil Jackson's contract is up in two years (or he's fired, lol). Since Ujiri's contract is also up in two years, and he did totally fleece them in the Bargnani deal, and he pulled off the fair trade Carmelo Anthony swap while in Denver, it makes sense that the Knicks would think of Masai as a good fit. At this point, anyone with a bit of foresight and a reasonable grasp of modern NBA principles would be a good fit. If you tell James Dolan you dig his music, you could be a good fit.

My point here is this: don't despair Raptors fans. Like the Lakers and their talk about trying to sign DeRozan, the Knicks think they are still the centre of the league, the destination that every player and executive would be silly to turn away from. And while the Lakers actually have some recent titles to lean on during their current run of misery, the Knicks remain firmly in the joke category. Every time a news item such as this one emerges, all we can do is throw back our heads and laugh. Can you believe the out-of-touch nerve of these guys? You almost want to feel sorry for them.

So, keep dreaming big, Knicks fans! Keep hoping for the best, Dolan!

One day, we're sure it will all work out. (Just not with Masai Ujiri.)