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Notes from Wednesday's availability: Raptors discuss an epic Game 5

Casey discusses that fourth quarter lineup, Biyombo looks at his improvement, and Rodney Stuckey gets real with himself.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

As it unfolded, the conclusion to last night's Game 5 seemed incomprehensible. The Raptors swung the game and did it in lightning quick fashion. A half-day removed, though, and it's easy to see how that 21-2 run to start the fourth quarter happened. The Raptors entirely new, impossibly small lineup wreaked havoc defensively (seriously, Terrence Ross and DeMar DeRozan at power forward). Frank Vogel was too confident in sitting Paul George and George Hill at the same time. And yeah, the Pacers kind of choked as a zealous Air Canada Centre got in their heads.

Today, the Raptors and Pacers attempted to explain those key storylines from their vantage point. Bismack Biyombo, the team's centre down the stretch, talked about he views screen-setting in today's NBA.

Norman Powell got the podium too, and kept it simple. Typical Norm.

DeRozan talked about the atypical lineup, with Cory Joseph, Kyle Lowry, Powell, Biyombo and himself getting most of the run.

Finally, coach Dwane Casey apparently wasn't shy about how poorly his team played in the first 36 minutes of last night's game.

On the other, and frankly more interesting, side of things: the Indiana Pacers. After scoring just nine points in the fourth, there was plenty of blame to go around. Paul George stopped shy of calling his teammates out, but made his frustrations known.

Vogel, meanwhile, gave some perplexing reasoning behind trusting his second unit to start the fourth quarter (who were utterly demolished). Rodney Stuckey, a maligned member of that unit, tried to unpack the quote.

Poor Stuckey, by the way. His 1-for-10, three turnover night was made worse by falling into the lap of Drake right in the middle of his team's collapse. He touched on that, because of course he was asked about it.

Still awaiting Drake's comment on the situation.