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Introducing HQ Overtime, your new favourite playoff post-game show

Coming live to your computer later this week.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

With the long end to the regular season finally behind us, it's time to get righteously pumped for playoff basketball. Here at HQ, we've been dreaming up some exciting ways to get into playoff coverage and today, I'm kicking it off by announcing HQ Overtime, our new live post-game radio show.

Hosted by myself and buoyed by the many talented people who write for this site, HQ Overtime will go live on Mixlr shortly after the conclusion of Raptors playoff games. To tune in, you'll have a host of options:

If you're feeling extra nervous about missing a show, you can also follow Raptors HQ and get notified of broadcasts from the Mixlr app, available for iOS and Android.

During Overtime shows, we'll recap the game that was, talk about turning points, key performers, and big picture implications. We'll also welcome listener questions, which you can drop into the comments section of the post-game article, or tweet at @RaptorsHQ and myself (@johngaudes).

Not into listening live? All Overtime shows will be podcasted on our HeadQuarters feed. If you're a subscriber, you'll get all the juicy goodness in your podcast app of choice. We live for convenience here.

raptorsHQ is on Mixlr

So that's HQ Overtime. I hope you're as excited as I am, and we'll talk to you this weekend.