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Raptors vs. Sixers: The Raptors close out their home schedule

Here's something to do to make this one interesting.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Who's excited for the Sixers!?!

Okay, this isn't the most exciting match-up of the season. In fact, this is probably the least seismic game the Raptors have played this season, to be topped only by tomorrow's contest in front of what will surely be a bumping Brooklyn crowd.

With second seed having been locked up for some time now and the top seed mathematically out of the question, the mandate for the Raptors at is to maintain form before the playoffs, get DeMarre Carroll in sync, and don't get f**king hurt.

To keep yourself entertained throughout this utterly meaningless game, I give you ....


Take one drink if ...

- The broadcast team you're watching mentions one of the following:

1. Kobe Bryant's final game.

2. The Warriors attempting to get their 73rd win.

3. Bryan Colangelo getting hired by the Sixers.

4. The 1972-73 Sixers that went 9-73

5. The word "playoffs."

6. Joel Embiid's recovery process

7. Nik Stauskas' nationality

-DeMarre Carroll hits a three

-Luis Scola bricks a three

Take two drinks if ...

- The Sixers take a lead at any point

- The Sixers go up by 10

- Somebody dunks

- Bismack Biyombo misses a lay up

- Bruno Caboclo enters the game

- Bebe enters the game

Take five drinks if ...

- Bruno Caboclo scores his first points of the year

- Bebe throws down an alley-oop.

- The Sixers go up by 20

-Norman Powell dunks in someone's grill

Finish your drink if ...

- The Sixers win

- A Raptors player leaves with an injury (you're gonna need it).

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