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Make Your Final Regular Season Picks with the Weekly Rap: April 11th - Playoffs!

The Raptors finish their regular season with a back-to-back on Tuesday and Wednesday with the Sixers and Nets before playoff basketball returns to Toronto on the weekend.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The grind of the NBA regular season will come to a close this week. Despite this being the most successful season in Raptors history, an asterisk will remain beside the record depending on the playoff fortunes of this team.

The top seed in the East is still in play for the Raps to take on one of the Pacers or the Pistons, depending on the fortune of the Cavaliers over their final two games. If the Cavs lose both and the Raps win out, they will claim the top spot by virtue of the tiebreaker.

Although the starters will likely sit most, if not all, of the next two games, the Raps should finish with two wins as the competition they face will be at an NBA fringe level at home to Philly and in Brooklyn on Wednesday night.

April 12th vs. Sixers - Goodbye to the Process

Whoever each team throws out to play this game will certainly be dwarfed by the storyline of the change in Sixers leadership in the front office. Everyone's eyes will be peeled to see if Bryan Colangelo takes the TTC trip down from Yorkville to watch his new team in action, and put an eye on the future to see if he can give the Sixers a similar turnaround he executed with the Raps in 2006-07. Although the probability of that happening is about as strong as Joel Embiid giving up room service.

April 13th @ Nets - At least the court looks nice?

Absolutely nothing is attractive about this matchup as even when the starters played this year, things got ugly in a hurry. This will be the Nets last chance to audition for whatever coach wants to take on the challenge of a rebuild without much in terms of resources, and Tom Ziller went out on a limb with who that coach might be...

April 16th - First Round Game 1 (!!!)

On Saturday the Raps will most likely host the first game of the playoffs with an afternoon tip, and the ACC can turn up once again.