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DeMarre Carroll addressed the media, here's what he said.

The Raptors injured forward addressed the media amid a swirl of rumours. Here's what he said.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Amid stories pondering the odds of him actually making his long awaited return from knee surgery in recent days, DeMarre Carroll addressed the media ahead of the Raptors' game against the Hawks.

He didn't say anything particularly groundbreaking, but here are some highlights from his eight-plus minute scrum.

On the swelling that cropped up three weeks ago that set him back, and if it worried him:

It was one of those things that, it was discomforting to me. When you have swelling, my initial thought says, with what I've been through throughout my whole life, that means something's wrong. I just wanted to get it checked out and I didn't wanna put my knee at any risk. That's why me and Alex (McKechnie) went and saw several doctors, high profile doctors, and they gave me a good report.

On whether or not the Raptors and Carroll have been on the same page throughout the recovery process:

Masai, the whole medical staff ... they were really close with me and my agent Mark Bartelstein. Basically, they let me go wherever I wanted to go. They let me get surgery in the states - what other team does that? They just let me do what I needed to do to try and get me back on the court, and I give them high credit for that cause most teams wouldn't do that.

Then he had this gem about when he might be able to get back.

Hopefully I'm going to try and play a couple games before the end of the season. That's the goal. So we're going to try to ramp it up a lot this week and try to get my conditioning back. You know, the way I play, I play like a dog. When you play like a dog you can't go out there being passive. I don't want to be a poodle out there. I want to be like a bulldog. They don't want to put my knee at risk, they just want me to go out there and give me my best outlet to play my kind of basketball.

And finally, here's Carroll on if he's concerned if a couple games at the end of the season will be enough to get him up to speed.

I can go out there and play defense. I don't even have to take a shot. I can impact the game defensively for this team and not have to take a shot ... DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry are our go to scorers ... After playing in the Eastern Conference Finals with Atlanta I understand what it takes and what role I need to play so all I need is a couple games.

So, there you have it. Thoughts on Carroll's statements?