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Casey on Lowry: "He's gonna try and go tonight"

Big news.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

If you were speculating as to what the Raptors were going to do with Kyle Lowry tonight against the Hawks. It's an hour and a half before tip-off and you have your answer straight from head coach Dwane Casey.

After Monday's mercy killing at the hands of the Thunder, it's clear Lowry is not himself. We now know he's had soreness in his right elbow (officially termed bursitis) for some time, and for whatever reason it's been acting up big time over the past few games.

On Monday night, Lowry made it clear he's not entirely convinced rest is going to help. So, here we are, the Raptors season is suddenly in a very weird place. And Lowry is going to try to play through the pain.

What kind of Lowry will we see tonight? As the above picture indicates, we know TSN's Josh Leweberg is concerned. Now, let's all worry together.