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Raptors players react to a wild March Madness weekend

It was a busy weekend for the NCAA Tournament, with not all alumni ending up happy campers.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

In the real world, the NCAA Tournament is about filling out brackets, entering office pools, and pretending the people on the Internet care about how the results impact you. In the professional basketball world, the tournament is more about staking out territory and reminding people of your alma mater. Remembering college days is probably a good distraction from the sleepy March basketball we see in the NBA.

After a busy weekend for March Madness (I'm sure you, like me, were up watching all the insane finishes on Sunday night), we have plenty of reactions from Raptors players.

First off, DeMar DeRozan's #8 USC Trojans got knocked out early in the tournament to #9 Providence, earning the emoji response from DeRozan.

Patrick Patterson, an unusually proud Kentucky alumni, responded when his #4 Wildcats lost to #5 Indiana in the second round, in one of the surprises of the weekend.

Lastly, while Kyle Lowry wasn't repping for Villanova much this weekend, he did put his referee shirt on and weigh in on the wild Cincinnati-St. Joe's finish on Friday.

As the refs reviewed the potentially game-winning dunk, Lowry was quick to rain on any parades, much to the chagrin of DeMar DeRozan.

Aren't they just the cutest?