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Drake gets involved late in Bulls game, takes picture with McDermott

What are we supposed to feel, guys?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

We are of course still reeling from the Raptors loss to the Bulls last night. It was a bad three quarters with a bracing comeback followed by a disappointing finish. After finding a new way to lose, Toronto is now 0-4 on the season against the (now) 8th seeded team in the Eastern Conference. Emotions are running high.

If there was a true highlight from last night's fourth quarter (a.k.a. the only relatively good quarter the Raptors played), it was definitely Drake whispering sweet nothings into Justin Holiday's ear as he prepared to inbound the ball with 25.8 seconds left and the Bulls clinging to a three point lead. Let's watch:

This is about as unique an event as you're going to see in the NBA these days, with perhaps Spike Lee being the only other celebrity to get as involved (or as pumped up) in a basketball game. Still, the Raptors lost and the Bulls are terrifying and just yikes all around.

But adding insult to injury to all this: Drake couldn't resist taking the following picture with an adoring fan.

Big win in the 6ix

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Drink it in and let the emotions flow. We're all in this together, Toronto.