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Raptors vs. Hawks: Something's gotta give out there on the court

As Eastern rivals match-up tonight, the Raptors and the Hawks are faced with a very specific situation.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

When you stare at the tweet below long enough, it forms into something like a riddle, or an equation in need of solving. It's a problem, is what I'm saying. And I don't like it.

The Raptors welcome the Atlanta Hawks into the Air Canada Centre tonight, having played them only once before this season in Atlanta. In that contest, the Raptors won 96-86 after a big night from -- get this -- Kyle Lowry. Back then the Raptors were still getting minutes from DeMarre Carroll, former Hawk, but were without the injured Jonas Valanciunas. They were also seen as one of the defensive powerhouses in the league, with a top ten defensive rating. It was a different time.

As it stands right now, the Hawks are humming right along in fifth place in the East, having resumed their role as one of the more invisible teams in the league. I think they like it that way, to be honest. The Raptors are in the midst of the greatest season in franchise history. These two versions of the teams don't have a ton of history, as I said, which brings me back to that tweet.

The Raptors can score. The Hawks can defend. Something's gotta give and in 30 minutes, we're about to find out which of these stats it will be.

Now, read today's preview from Stephen Campbell and then get set. Hawks vs. Raptors. Here we go.