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This Week In Social: Let's talk fashion

Some swag outfits highlight your weekly look inside the lives of the Toronto Raptors.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. As I sit here in a hoodie on yet another casual Friday, I'm reminded of how much this applies to me and how little it applies to professional basketball players. Why dress for the job you want when you've reached the summit?

The Toronto Raptors, like most players in the NBA, make no small matter out of clothing and showing it off on social media. For what it's worth, we've got a few highlights as part of this week's rundown in social media.

Here's viral video and newly minted podcast star Patrick Patterson going bold with the colour/pattern combination.

A photo posted by Patrick Patterson (@pdpatt) on

Then conspicuously asking if he knows anyone in Denver. If I were Skip Bayless, I'd say something here about how he needs to get in the gym and now worry about new friends. I'm not Skip.

Here's Jonas Valanciunas looking swag to the max with his entry in the Real Sports Raptors hat competition. With all the proceeds going to charity, I thought it'd be a cool thing to buy one of these hats. Then I saw they were $100 and back-spaced out of that Chrome tab like nobody's business.

Getting to the goods, here's DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry with the artwork for their Public Enemy cover album.

A photo posted by DeMar DeRozan (@demar_derozan) on

And here they are, playing up that bromance once again on Twitter.

Did I miss anything? Hit me up in the comments if you've got any additions.