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Raptors vs. Timberwolves: Welcome back Wiggins, worry about Towns

Back to their winning ways, the Raptors look to make it three straight against the Timberwolves tonight.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like forever ago, but almost a year has passed since Andrew Wiggins made his Canadian debut on March 18, 2015. You might remember the game, even. He was in foul trouble early, had shots get away from him, and didn't make an impact in a 105-100 Raptors win.

Since we last saw Wiggins at the Air Canada Centre, his improvement has come in fits and starts. He's led the team in scoring 27 times this season and has two 30+ point games this month. Nevertheless, a low assist-to-usage ratio has brought out the whispers of disappointment. Some of this has turned into whole-hearted thinkpieces, with the ones criticizing his narrow court vision hitting the mark. You have to think, though, that a factor in some of this disappointment has been comparison bias - it's hard to watch Wiggins struggle as a sophomore when you've got Karl-Anthony Towns down in the post.

Thriving with less experience, Towns had a season-high 35 points when these two teams met in Toronto before the All-Star break. Beyond just his point totals, you can see Towns' natural path of improvement in the NBA - a beautiful jump shot and great instincts give him Chris Webber-type vibes. With Wiggins, it's more complicated. It probably will be that way for a while.

Tonight, we'll see which of the two does the most damage. The Wolves have lost 11 straight games in Toronto and the Raptors have a bit of revenge to exact after that lazy loss before the break. The win should be quick and easy with Cleveland looming on Friday night. As is usual with Minnesota right now, it's not about wins and losses, it's about watching the two young guys play their game.

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