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Make Your Picks with the Weekly Rap: February 22nd-28th

The Raps got back on track with a win last night, how will they fare this week?

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Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In the aftermath of Masai's quiet deadline, the blown game to the Bulls and the split between panic and reassurance on Raptors Twitter, the team rebounded with an ugly but solid win over the new look Grizzlies last night. We got a few Vince "crank it ups" for old times sake and this absolute gem of a photo as well:

The Raps are still holding down second place in the East, with a four game lead on the Celtics and four back of the Cavs. This week will be huge if the Raps want to make a charge at LeBron and The Land for 1st place, as Cleveland rolls into Toronto on Friday night.

The team should at least go 3-1 with a chance at perfection this week with wins against the Knicks, T-Wolves and Pistons, and then a chance to knock off the Cavs at home.

February 22nd @ Knicks - JIMMER MANIA

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the Knicks have signed the enigmatic Mormon man of wonder, Jimmer Fredette. The Jimster will surely strike up some buzz around a Knick team that has faded from playoff contention and tries to find their footing under interim head coach Kurt "Goggles" Rambis. Jimmer's line from Westchester's game last night you ask? 2-17 for six points. Raps should cruise.

February 24th vs. Timberwolves - Wiggy's Annual Return

On Wednesday night the Raps will play host to a Wolves team that beat them just before the break on the back of a breakout 30+ point effort from Rookie of the Year front runner Karl-Anthony Towns. It will also be the return of Andrew Wiggins and dunk champ Zach LaVine will take to the floo-OH MY GOD YEEZY TIMBERWOLVES MASHUP:

Wolves from Jack Maloney on Vimeo.

February 26th vs. Cavs: Beasts of the East

The last time the Raptors beat the Cavs was at home on Drake night, so we'll see if the black and gold jerseys make a return for good luck. The game will certainly hinge on how the Raps second unit plays, and if the Lowry or DeRozan + bench mob lineup can be as productive as usual. Also Drake is technically still the global ambassador, so he should make a courtside seat donation to yesterday's NBA twitter sensation:

February 28th @ Pistons - Form an F'ing Wall

The Pistons main key to success is the high pick and roll between Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond, so the Raps will need to be on their game defensively with their strategy of Icing to keep Jackson out of the lane. Also the Pistons have new pieces in Tobias Harris and potentially Donatas Motiejunas, so SVG will be still working on the rotation and new lineups which the Raps should capitalize on.

What are your picks for the week?