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NBA All-Star Friday: Scenes from this morning's media bonanza

Nestled in the huge conference room of the Sheraton Hotel, the NBA's All-Stars were on hand to talk to the media.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This is it, the stage is set, and the NBA All-Stars of the 2015-16 season are in Toronto. This morning, kicking off at 11, was the customary media day for NBA All-Star weekend. The show got started with the competitors in the three point and dunk contest, before giving way to both super squads, first West and then East.

Here's what our Raptors HQ cameras and mics managed to capture.

In back-to-back interviews, Gordon and then the Blazers' CJ McCollum were asked about Toronto. Gordon compared the city to Chicago, citing its cleanliness and friendliness. Then McCollum went all in on Toronto's New York feel. We're moving on up.

I heard Durant say "I love Toronto" and then I blacked out. So, just go with that.

The highlight of Westbrook's scrum was definitely the fact that he was casually cleaning his sunglasses for a chunk of the time he was out there. Honestly, Westbrook is just too cool a dude.

Had to include this pic because the whole sequence was too funny. Basically, a huge huge mob of media people had set up to Kobe's eventual appearance. Then, out of nowhere, he sets up at the other end of the room, which means of course that now everyone is running over to that spot to get their questions in. But then, after sitting down for five seconds, Kobe gets back up and goes over to the place he was supposed to sit at. Total pandemonium. Classic Kobe, am I right?

Can confirm: Coach Popovich is a Jean-Luc Godard man and he does really enjoy French film. I've never been happier in my life.

Finally, some Raptors!

The best part of DeMar DeRozan's scrum came when, from across the room, Kyle Lowry sat down at a table with a live mic. What's a best pal to do? Lowry started busting DeRozan's chops of course. DeMar's exasperated sigh and "who gave him a mic?" were tops in my book. I won't lie, it continues to be a delight to watch DeRozan and Lowry joke around.

There were obviously more players to see and good times to be had, but what you learn very quickly about All-Star Media Day is that there's basically no way to see it all.

Keep an eye open for Celebrity Game updates tonight.