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Listen to The HeadQuarters: Episode 18, brought to you by Will Solomon

The Raptors may have mailed it in before the All-Star break, but we sure didn't.

Doug Benc/Getty Images

Welcome to The HeadQuarters!

This week, Sean Woodley is joined by Raptors Republic Managing Editor Blake Murphy to break down the Raptors loss to Minnesota, predict the liklihood of DeMar DeRozan returning to the Raptors next year, question whether or not any of the power forwards on the trade market are worth acquiring, predict All-Star event winners, rank Vince Carter's dunks in the 2000 dunk contest and answer listener questions. This episode is brought to you by Will Solomon.

Listen at the BlogTalk Radio link below and make sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes!

Music Courtesy The Passion HiFi