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Jonas Valanciunas sprains thumb, listed as questionable for tonight's game in Denver

It doesn't sound serious, but that's the JV injury report floating around right now.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The title says it all. Apparently Jonas Valanciunas of the Raptors has sprained his thumb. While the young big man practised with the team, he's listed as questionable for tonight's game in Denver. As per the Toronto Star's Chris O'Leary:

I wager that Jonas plays in the game, at least in some capacity. Fortunately for the Raptors, they can look to Bismack Biyombo in times like these. Still, a healthy JV is better than no JV.

No word on whether or not Jonas' nemsis Aron Baynes was involved in the injury. Judging from how angry JV was after the Pistons game, I suspect his answer would be a curt not and: "no comment."

We'll update if anything else comes up.