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Raptors vs. Timberwolves: This Is Not Our Youth

Andrew Wiggins is in Toronto, always a reason to get excited, and Toronto looks to get back to winning.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

There are few things more delightful than Raptors fans and their pining. We yearn for DeMarcus Cousins; we dream about Paul Millsap; and once upon on time we thought only of the Minnesota Timberwolves' Andrew Wiggins, the young man from Vaughan, Ontario.

When the Raptors were on the verge of tanking, Toronto seemed destined to try and go for Wiggins. It didn't work out -- Toronto got good instead and Wiggins ended up crossing the border, but staying in the north. Owing to the NBA's salary structure, it seems likely that Wiggins will eventually sign a huge extension with the T-Wolves, one that will see him into his prime. (Think about the one DeMar DeRozan just played through, and then multiply it by, say, three.) An eventual (ideal) landing in Toronto feels very far away.

But that doesn't mean we can't welcome him with open arms on nights like this. Wiggins is in Toronto, and with him comes the lovable -- but struggling -- young core of the Wolves. Karl-Anthony Towns, fresh off his Rookie of the Year award, is here. Zach LaVine, back in Toronto for the first time since his awesome Slam Dunk contest win, is here. And other intriguing talent -- like Kris Dunn, Gorgui Dieng and, hey, not as young Ricky Rubio -- is also here.

Fortunately for the Raptors, all this talent has amounted to a 6-15 team, one in which sits in third last place in the Western Conference. They haven't quite figured things out, even with Tom Thibodeau, everyone's favourite basketball screamer, on the sidelines. This means: we might be in for a win in Toronto, which should wash the bitter taste from Monday's Cavs loss. Here's hoping.

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