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The Weekly Rap, Dec. 5th-11th: Toast of the Town

The Raptors have made it.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Raps are the darlings of the NBA media world on this Monday, as they beat down the Lakers and Hawks as bad as Bama took down the Gators last Saturday afternoon. In power rankings around the web, USA Today and CBS Sports have the Raps at fifth. (One spot behind the Cavs, which they can change tonight). Fifth is a respectable spot but things get better.


Don’t wanna throw out hyperbole here but tonight’s game is just the biggest regular season contest in franchise history.

Let’s dive into it.

Nov. 5th vs. Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers are trending downwards at a nasty rate over the past week and a bit, in a slide that will resemble the draft day peril of JT Barrett once the Clemson defence annihilates his existence on New Year’s eve in the Fiesta Bowl.

In my mind Toronto has a good chance at knocking off LeBron and the boys tonight, as JR and Channing Frye’s three point shot has eluded them of late, and Pascal Siakam is gonna continue his low key breakout by keeping Kevin Love in check. If Lowry puts Kyrie on skates defensively and DeRozan’s shot is falling, all it will take is a kangaroo punch to the King early to get the Raps rolling.

Dec. 8th vs. Timberwolves

ICE! ICE! ICE! I can already hear Coach Thibs yelling about pick ‘n roll defence from my seat right now.

More importantly, I need to call out Dan Grant for the wack-ass trade proposal he sent me in the HQ vs. Republic blogger league. As a dominant force, I am sitting second. In no way would I break up that chemistry by sending you the Snapchat King Hassan Whiteside for Andrew Wiggins. Love me some Wiggy and his new efficiency BUT the automatic double-double will always have a place on Caldwell-Pope Francis. (@PopeFrancis I’m not religious but I’ll happily take a personal invite to the Vatican.)

Dec. 9th @ Celtics

Raptors Twitter is gonna be bumping on Friday night as the Raps return to their road tripping ways. And you know when DeMar hits the game winner that Will Lou is gonna son any sorry ass Celtics blogger who doesn’t come correct.

I’m going out on a limb and putting money on the Raps sweeping this week at 3-0, and you should too.