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The Weekly Rap, Dec. 19th-25th: Naughty or Nice?

What is Santa bringing to your favourite Raptor this year?

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well wasn’t last night’s defensive effort from the Raptors, sans first quarter, great to see? After that clunker of a game on Friday night, it looked like more of the same was coming Sunday evening. But good on the Raps for tightening the screws and blowing the offensively challenged Magic away while holding them under 80 points.

More importantly this coming week is Christmas week, and the Raptors will play at the ACC on Tuesday night before heading out on their World Juniors (Blech. I’ll pass thanks) road trip.

Even though the team will be gone doesn’t mean Santa is going to forget about them, so here is what Mr. Claus will be delivering to some of your favourite Raptors:

Patrick Patterson: Unlimited movie passes to the Cineplex at Yonge-Dundas.

Cory Joseph: The OVO Canada Goose jacket, since he’s always “reppin’ the 6ix”.

Terrence Ross: All of the windmill slams.

DeMar DeRozan: More features at US national media outlets, to shut up the people that still complain about the lack of coverage.

Kyle Lowry: A portrait of @IamHarshDave in the Timeless Art of Seduction pose.

Honorable Mention Andrea Bargnani: All of the Primo Pasta and Sauce. All of it

Just two games this week, and I think the Raps are in for two wins. Let’s get to it.

Dec. 20th vs. Brooklyn

The Nets have become a League Pass go-to if there isn’t a marquee game in the early window on most nights due to their roster of young guns trying to make a name for themselves as up and coming NBA prospects. Also Linsanity is back, and you know I can’t say that without embedding the video.

Look how excited Landry Fields (RIP PS Vita) was, back in the day when him and his boy Jeremy were tearing it up and had elbows in tact. Those were the days man.

Raps take this one by 10.

Dec. 23rd @ Utah

This game is a hella tough way to start a west coast swing, as Gordon Hayward is back as white chocolate DeMar, and Rudy Gobert will look to add Jonas Valanciunas to his list of victims he’s dominated this year. One thing the Raps have done this year is show up against the teams in that second tier of contention, so I expect a 48 minute effort and an unlikely swing factor, like 20 points from DeMarre Carroll to give the Raps the win.

So, a 2-0 week for Toronto. What are your predictions?