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DeMarcus Cousins To Toronto Might Have To Wait A Little Longer To Materialize

The fifth (and final?) installment in our series: DeMarcus Cousins is not a Raptor (Yet)

NBA: New York Knicks at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Some bad news for Raptors fans and good news for Kings fans: DeMarcus Cousins does not expect to be dealt which sounds like he is (relatively) happy in Sacramento for now, although that forecast can change any minute.

As the authority on all things Boogie-to-Toronto, the latest update comes from Cousins’ conversation with ESPN’s Marc Stein, in which Cousins says, “I talked to management a lot. We’re on the same page. I’m not worried about it.”

There’s still time between now and the February trade deadline, and as Stein points out, Cousins hits unrestricted free agency in 2018, which sounds pretty far away but then you consider the Kings have made the playoffs in a million years and they appear to be on the outside looking in again this season, which means next season will be the last year of Boogie’s contract and his value might not be higher than at this year’s deadline for a team to acquire him and have a year to convince him of a fit.

Is Toronto that team? We’ve been through this before but any combination of the young players on hand and maybe even Jonas Valanciunas with other assets (ie. draft picks) would be a competitive offer, at the very least. I think we can all agree Masai Ujiri has a secret Twitter egg account where he @s Vlade Divac with highlights every night. On Friday he sent Vlade a 20 minute highlight clip of Norman Powell against the Boston Celtics.

The latest news is really non-news, for those of you (like myself) waiting for Boogie’s imminent arrival to Toronto, it’s newsworthy that this is a temporary setback in making Boogie-to-Toronto a reality.