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The Weekly Rap, Nov. 7th - 13th: Here Comes Russ

It’s #DuragHistoryWeek AND the Raps are Taking a Trip to Russ City. Uh Oh.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Toronto Raptors John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

While sitting through that slog of a second half last night against the Kings, watching missed shot after missed shot and foul after foul, the game resembled a knock ‘em out fight video that has taken the world by storm this week.

The wife penguin represented the chance at a win, the Raptors were the husband coming back to the ACC looking to protect home court, and the home-wrecker was Boogie Cousins absolutely dominating in the paint. The broadcast picking him up yelling “THESE KIDS CAN’T GUARD ME” was the line that sent our penguin scurrying away, surely.

We can classify that as the Raps first bad loss of the season, so in the words of evil genius Bill Belichick: “onto Oklahoma City” and a short three game week.

Nov. 9th @ OKC

Let’s set the scene: A day after the most contentious election in the history of the United States goes down, in one of the most Red states the country has to offer, the angry and pissed off faces at Chesapeake Energy will make the mission of our good pal Harsh a lot easier:

The Thunder are 5-1 to start this season, but the wins have come over the likes of Sixers (bad), Suns (bad), Lakers (lots of fun, but probably bad), Clippers (actually good!), and T-Wolves (still bad) so I like the Raps chances of going in hungry after their disappointing loss last night and getting things back on track. Then again Russ could go intergalatic and drop 45-18-15 while making me love him even more, so this game could go either way.

I also feel this way because my trash-ass Movember moustache is already better than whatever Enes Kanter has growing on his upper lip.

Nov. 11th @ Charlotte

Despite noted friend of HQ Kevin Yeung sending every member of our fantasy league an offer including Marvin Williams over the past week, the Hornets are looking solid once again this year. We also know the universe will not allow the Raps to win a game, or even look good in Buzz City so we have to put up an L on the board for Friday night.

Nov. 12th vs. New York

I know it’s tough, but don’t look ahead to next week where the Raps face the Cavs in Cleveland on Tuesday and then return home the very next night to face the Golden State Warriors. Why shouldn’t you start worrying about that right now you ask? BECAUSE THE REAL SUPER TEAM NEW YORK KNICKS ARE COMING TO TOWN ON SATURDAY NIGHT:

Let’s hope this is the game Kyle Lowry kicks it into full gear and his threes start to drop, because I would love to watch him absolutely cook Derrick Rose. Raps by 15.

With that, I’ve got the team going 2-1 this week, what’s your prediction?