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Raptors vs. Kings: The Game Where Toronto Plays it Cool for Boogie

The Raptors look to keep their winning ways going, and hey: DeMarcus Cousins is in town!

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

We probably need to keep it cool with the DeMarcus stuff. Raptors HQ has been the preeminent source for the Boogie Beat this season. We've covered it once. Twice. Three times (a lady). What a thirsty time to be alive. But if we're honest with ourselves, we have to know it's probably not going to happen. (Unless of course, maybe, it does?)

No matter. There's a basketball game on this evening, the Raptors vs. the Kings. Toronto is rolling right now, having won three in a row. DeMar DeRozan, depending on where you look, is either the reincarnation of peak 90s basketball, ready to destroy all who oppose him, or he's just on a hot streak that will burn itself out shortly. You can decide.

The rest of the team, while not shooting from 3 particularly well, has been solid on defense and contributed enough each time to secure wins. Two cheers for the rookies Pascal Siakam and Jakob Poeltl, who continue to do their best. And as our man Sean Woodley pointed out earlier today: DeRozan's not alone.

The Kings meanwhile are, as always, a mess. They're 2-5, and Boogie, god love him, has fouled out twice -- and is coming off a horrid game against Milwaukee. I wish I could give you some other good news here, but no, the Kings are an ongoing car crash that will only ever really end when they trade Boogie (and become even worse) or when Vivek Ranadive sells the team. Woof.

Bonus: Rudy Gay and his injured ribs are apparently going to give it a go tonight. So we can cheer ironically.

We've got your preview here by Kevin Nimmock. Why not have a read, then jump in the comments and let's relax on a Sunday night.