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Can a change in habit vault Terrence Ross to the next level?

We continue to ask the big questions regarding the Toronto Raptors.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

We’re all creatures of habit — when we wake up, how we wake up, what kind of alarms we set, how many alarms we set, how we like our food prepared, where we do our groceries — but sometimes change is good. Slight changes, even. Not the life changing ones that forces you to alter your life in any significant ways. Think of it as just tweaks, like fine-tuning your car, or the specifications on your television or stereo system, minor things that can go a long way to making life easier and better.

Earlier this week, Terrence Ross scored 22 points in 23 minutes against the Philadelphia 76ers. In general, Terry has been looking a lot more comfortable in his bench role this season. It’s almost like he’s finally settled in. But the biggest news coming out of Monday’s performance was this:

Ross had posted about a trip to Bulk Barn on his Instagram, and one of the holy grail Canadian institutions might just help propel him to new heights. Full disclosure for my impending bias on how candy can change your life, I have been a Bulk Barn supporter for years:

When I started bringing Bulk Barn candy (to share with other people as well, since I’m a terrific person) to media row during Toronto’s playoff run last year, it reinvigorated me and pushed me to new heights writing wise. Sometimes you just need a bag of gummy bears and coke candy to center yourself and help you reach your full potential. But the novelty of slight changes wears off, so we will have to keep an eye on whether Ross’s stats make a leap now that he’s discovered the world of Bulk Barn.

But the question to whether this change in habit can vault Ross to the next level? OF COURSE.

By the way, essentials for any Bulk Barn trip (don’t buy them all on one trip):

  • Ju jubes
  • Peanut chocolate M&M’s
  • Reese’s pieces
  • Wine gums
  • Blue whales
  • Cookies ‘N Creme mini bars
  • Cola bottle gummies
  • sour apple rings
  • sour peach rings
  • basically anything sour

I think the next step for Ross is to just fall completely in love with Swiss Chalet sauce and organize team dinners at Mandarin Buffet. We’re getting there. Have a great day.