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The Weekly Rap, Nov. 21st-27th: On the road again (still)

It’s American Thanksgiving Week! Thanks(for)giving the Raps a screw job last night NBA.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Sacramento Kings Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

I won’t get into breaking down last night, as our man Harsh already recapped the situation. I also don’t need to round up the tweets and other social media posts from the players, as Boss Man Daniel Reynolds did that here.

As the voice of the younger generation and the youth at this site, I’m the middle man to all of your venting #OnTheGram. Without further ado, here’s the best comments from last night’s team account post game graphic.

  1. My man “vanjosh_cooljosh” backed up that double Josh handle with a double comment rip of the Kings:

Boogie’s gotta be a Calvin Klein underwear guy right? He’s a big fella, in need of some good quality panties.

2. The dude “jimraps” fired off a comment with a Trump-esque tone:

If only he would’ve thrown a “Low energy Mike Callaghan!” in there this comment would be extremely on brand.

3. This one pains me, as “mitchbeast34” is out here disgracing Mitch’s everywhere with this babble:

A) Dwane Casey doesn’t make the trades and is one of the top coaches in the NBA;


C) Without the Gay trade we never get the shimmies of Greivis Vasquez and the inbounding woes of John Salmons, and oh yeah....Patrick Patterson.

4. Oh man “goldsgym69”, are you pained knowing that Edwin is leaving? It feels like you need a hug or two:

5. Finally, “_juelz_” (Which totally could be Juelz Santana), rose above everyone else and took the high road. He understands that refereeing an NBA basketball game in an incredibly tough task, and that officials should be given some leeway. BUT WHAT ABOUT DEROZAN DAWG:

I had the Raps at 2-2 last week and they ended up gong 1-3, let’s get it together this week!

Nov. 21st @ L.A. Clippers

If you thought the Cleveland/Golden State back-to-back was painful, just wait for tonight as the team rolls into Staples to face the best team in the league right now. As is the only way to predict any game involving the Clippers, the first team to reach 100 and fulfils Lawler’s Law will win. Tonight I think that’s the Clippers, and I think they get there well before the Raptors do. LAC by 12.

Nov. 23rd @ Houston Rockets

Rolling into H-Town on Wednesday night means the defense is gonna have to find a way to step up somehow, because if they aren’t careful the Rockets could drop a 135 spot on them just like that. What I’ll be watching for is how DeMar plays going up against Point God Harden, and whether he keeps regressing to the norm from the mid-range, igniting twitter debate among bloggers everywhere. I think the Raps somehow find a way to win this one, and escape with a four point dub.

Nov. 25th @ Milwaukee Bucks

GREEK FREAK! GREEK FREAK! GREEK FREAK! I’m a little excited to see what he can do against the Raps, and not just for both of my fantasy teams. What’s worrisome is that it feels like Milwaukee is a bit like Sacramento in the fact that the Raps never play well there. I’m gonna hate myself, but take the Bucks by four.

With that, I’ve got the team pegged at 1-2 this week. What are your predictions?