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Reactions to the Terrence Ross disallowed three from last night

If you were interested on what the referee had to say about boning the Raptors, have at it.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Sacramento Kings Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Raptors fans, who don’t necessarily need yet another reason to believe there’s a grand league-wide conspiracy against their beloved team, woke up angry this morning. The team lost 102-99 to the Kings last night — a regrettable outcome — but that’s not why they’re angry. (Well, not entirely.)

If you watched the game, one in which Toronto played demonstrably poorly for long stretches — including a cavalcade of late possessions they’d probably like to have back — you know what I’m talking about. They got boned in the final seconds.

The Raptors were down three with 2.4 seconds left. We don’t need to rehash the hows and what-have-yous of how they got to that point. Time is what it is (usually), and you can’t go backwards (again, usually).

The Raptors set up to inbound the ball, DeMarre Carroll got it in, it was touched by DeMarcus Cousins, yes, but Terrence Ross gathered it, dribbled, and put up a shot. Bang. Overtime. What a moment.

Ah, but then you read the caption on that tweet and remember the true story. And the rage, it builds from a well deep within you.

Are you upset? Yes.

Is Patrick Patterson upset? Yes.

Is Kyle Lowry upset? Yes.

Is Terrence Ross upset? Yes.


A photo posted by Terrence Ross (@3tross1) on

Is Dwane Casey upset? Yes.

(This clip is even better — you can actually see him say “That’s not right!”)

And finally, as promised, we get to the official explanation, which, really, no matter how you slice it, is a junk justification which plays with the rules and laws of time, sets a bizarrely bad precedent with regards to home timekeepers, has no internal logic within the construct of a professional basketball contest, and will be appealed based purely on the notion that this was a dumb call that was made dumbly with dumb reasoning.

Anyway, here’s Crew Chief Mike Callahan with the ruling:

Call in sick on Monday, folks.