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The Weekly Rap, Nov. 14-20: Drake Night Cometh

Four games for the Raptors this week, including a back-to-back against the Cavs and Warriors. Who ya got?

NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Huskies Night was fun right? The unis were dope, the court was DOPE, and the fourth quarter of the game actually resembled the contest between the Huskies and Knicks on November 1st, 1946, albeit with a different outcome:

Nostrand replaced Sadowski and put the Huskies ahead for the first time 44-43, and they expanded the margin to 48-44 after three periods. The final quarter was ragged as well as rugged, but a pair of field goals by Dick Murphy and a free throw by Tommy Byrnes in the final 2 1/2 minutes provided the Knicks with the two-point victory. Sadowski, with 18 points, and New York's Leo Gottlieb, with 14, led their respective teams.

Ragged as well as rugged fit that game perfectly, as it was a foul fest from the moment the second half began. What’s also interesting about that blurb from NBA dot com is that Tommy Byrnes has Benjamin Button syndrome and is still playing professional basketball as Ron Baker.

Now onto this week’s games, where the Raps have their hands full with the Cavs and Warriors on a back-to-back before heading out to the west coast on the weekend.

Nov. 15th @ Cavs

What will be interesting to watch in this game is how Dwane Casey handles rotations considering the very next night the Warriors will be at the ACC. Of course this game has implications if it ever came to a potential tiebreaker in the East standings, but I think we all know it’s highly unlikely the Raps could catch Cleveland in the East. I’ve got a hunch, with the biggest home game of the season the next night, if the Cavs push down the gas pedal then Casey might pull the plug much earlier than he usually does. LeBron puts up a line of something like 21-12-8 as the Cavs win by 9.

Nov. 16th vs. Warriors

Yo fam, did you hear that Wednesday night is Drake night??? Manz dropped $350 on his ticket back in August for standing room in 308 but it’s gonna be worth it dawg. Watching Steph Curry GET BUCKETS like it’s 2K, and KD is on my fantasy team so he better ball out and not cheese me. Thinking about wearing my Warriors snapback and my Cory Joe OVO jersey, don’t wanna be a wasteman and be wearing just Raps stuff if they lose that’ll be suss. It’s gonna be lit tho, I got Raps winning by 6. Oh shit it’s an 8pm tip off?! Better not go into overtime, or I’ll miss the last GO Bus back to Square One.

Nov 18th @ Nuggets

Last week during the Warriors romp over the Nuggets, they got in on the internet fun and attempted to a live Mannequin Challenge:

Former LeBron bestie and current “Keep getting dem cheques” MVP Mike Miller obviously wasn’t impressed with the display.

“Who gives a shit about legalized marijuana, I can rebound and defend better than David West over there.”

Raps take this one by 12.

Nov. 20th @ Kings

This is the front end of another back-to-back with the league leading Clippers the next night, but the Raps can’t afford to overlook Sacramento like they did in their home loss to this team a week ago. The always simmering Boogie Cousins trade rumours seem to be rising to a boil once again, so it might be time to SOUND THE MASAIREN. What a perfect time for the Raps to pounce and make a trade following a win over the Kings, so he can just walk on over to their locker room a la BJ (Melvin) Upton did when he was traded to the Blue Jays while in town with the Padres this summer.

The Toronto manz had the Raps winning against the Dubs, but I can’t see it happening less than 24 hours after playing the Cavs, so I’ve got the team at 2-2 this week.

What you got?