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The Weekly Rap: October 31st-November 6th

In typical fashion, it’s the return of your favourite column, a day late.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Toronto Raptors Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Mid term and Final Project SZN had ya boi as stressed as the entire ACC last night during the near collapse against the Nuggets. Despite the offence nearly completely breaking down, the hero ball heroics of Kyle and DeMar saved the Raps from a disappointing loss, although the same can’t be said for my pro-line ticket tonight. (#GoodTeamsWinGreatTeamsCover)

That being said, let’s take a peak at the rest of the schedule this week:

Nov. 2nd @ Wizards

If only there was a piece on a certain website explaining why the Raps will hold superiority over the Zards for as long as DeRozan and Lowry are team employees. OH WAIT. The Raps might have a little something extra in the tank for this one considering the starters were absolutely shellacked during their time on the floor in the preseason finale a few weeks ago.

Nov. 4th vs. Heat

IT’S THE JAMES JOHNSON REVENGE GAME. Just kidding. Johnson has gone scoreless in his last two games, and a change might be coming in the Heat rotation to see the former lightning rod of Raptors Twitter end up benched. What will be intriguing is the matchup down low as Jon Valanciunas (this worked for Terry Ross, right?) takes on a top five NBA centre in Hassan Whiteside. Stay tuned to Whiteside on Snapchat for his nightlife chronicles after the game, it’s what the app was truly invented for.

Nov. 6th vs. Kings

So a triple double of 40-25-13 is in play for DeMarcus Cousins on Sunday night right? He has to show out in the audition for his soon to be home crowd. Also @TTC and @TorontoComms, it is a weekend: are the Gardiner and subway line closed? This would be the weekend to do it so Boogie can catch his Views of the 6ix for longer than usual and fall in love with the city.

That does it for the first week in November. I’ve got the Raps going 2-1. What’s your prediction?