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Raptors vs. San Lorenzo: Because there is nothing else to watch

You’ll definitely regret not watching this one.

NBA: Preseason-Toronto Raptors at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Here are ten reasons why you should definitely watch this pre-season match between the Toronto Raptors and the reigning Argentinean league champions, San Lorenzo de Almagro.

1.) Maybe Kyle Lowry will shoot a clean 100 percent from the field. Or, even more remarkably, maybe DeMar DeRozan will. Can’t miss that chance. (UPDATE: Both Lowry and DeRozan will sit. Is zero in this case the same as 100?)

2.) You’ll get to see San Lorenzo’s leading scorer Gabriel Deck. (What a name.)

3.) I’m not even sure I can quantify what kind of energy output Pascal Siakam will exhibit playing against Argentinean league players rather than his usual NBA-calibre opponents. That’s something to watch.

4.) The Bebe-Poeltl battle for backup centre — which is thrilling in a very specific way — will wage on unabated. I don’t know about you, but the concept and architecture of Lowry-Bebe pick-and-rolls is the definition of exciting.

5.) That Jonas Valanciunas haircut isn’t going away. (UPDATE: JV is going to sit... but he’ll be sitting with his haircut, so this one still counts.)

6.) DeMarre Carroll will provide more reasons for optimism regarding his performance this season. If he’s not yet 100 percent, it’s feeling like he’s closer — and that’s a Good Thing. Who doesn’t like a televised Good Thing? (UPDATE: Carroll will sit too.)

7.) Bruno jokes! Every time the Raptors’ young foal bounces the ball more than three times in a row, there are jokes to be made.

8.) During commercial breaks, thoughts of Argentina will cross your mind and you’ll be reminded of the warm, comforting smile of Luis Scola. Then you’ll chuckle at the idea of Scola selling his minivan. What a rascal.

9.) The Norman Powell Explosion (a great prog rock band name, by the way) will continue on. What will Powell do next?

10.) There are no other televised sports entertainments going on tonight.

And that’s a mere sampling of the delights and justifications we have in-store. (Also, Terrence Ross — sore knee — and Jared Sullinger — sore foot — will sit.) There are more, of which I’m sure we could list together in, say, the comment section below.

In any case, here’s the preview. Now, game on.