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Lowry Third Among Guards In All-Star Votes, Justin Bieber Not Helping

Et tu, Bieber?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The second round of All-Star voting results were announced today, and Kyle Lowry is currently third among guards in the East with 242,276 votes, trailing Dwyane Wade (562,558) and Kyrie Irving (271,094). DeMar DeRozan is sixth with 170,539 votes (if you care, the full results are here).

There's still time for fans to make up the gap between second and third for Lowry to be voted in as a starter for the second straight season. I wouldn't bet on DeRozan sneaking into the top-two, although he will likely be selected to the team on merit anyways. You might remember last year Canada mobilized to get Lowry to New York for All-Star Weekend as the East's starting guard. It included an ill-conceived tweet from Justin Bieber that used the wrong hashtag.

Well it looks like


In all honesty, Paul isn't competing with Lowry for a starting spot since they're in separate conferences, so we'll reserve our anger for when Bieber tweets out a request for everyone to RT this for my man Kyrie Irving. But still.