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Masai Ujiri joins Woj on the Vertical Podcast

Masai Ujiri sat down with Adrian Wojnarowski to talk about his journey and basketball in Africa and Canada.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski's new podcast, The Vertical, has already had some great guests in its short lived time in the podcast realm. It's debute was graced by Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, and Woj has also had Warriors GM Bob Myers, as well as Reggie Jackson and Isiah Thomas, on to talk all things basketball. Masai Ujiri added his name to the guest list on this morning's episode.

Not to spoil too much, Woj and Ujiri chat about his journey from scout with the Orlando Magic to becoming the GM of the Raptors with his previous stops in Toronto and Denver along the way. They also discussed Ujiri's work spearheading the NBA movements in Africa from the camps to the outreach programs and how he's hoping it makes an impact on every kid that takes part. Finally they talked about the upcoming All-Star weekend here in Toronto and how it will be a coming out party not just for Canadian basketball, but the Raptors organization as well.

You can give it a listen wherever you get your podcasts from or at the link here.

Did you enjoy the pod? Or do you think they should have covered some other topics as well?