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Raptors defeat Nets 91-74: Where Brooklyn At?

In a game that was far from visually pleasing for long stretches, the Raptors downed the Nets at Barclays.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Surely one of the only souls to watch this game from tip to the final buzzer, I can say it was quite possibly the least memorable affair of the year. The Raptors were asleep in the first quarter and finally woke up as the second wound down. They took a 45-36 lead into the break. After a solid third quarter, the fourth quarter was a real grind-em-out affair as Matt & Jack discussed their travel plans to DC.

Jonas Valanciunas had a very solid night both defensively on the glass and he scored 22 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. DeMar DeRozan had 15 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists and Kyle Lowry scored 17 points, dished out 6 assists and grabbed 8 rebounds as well.

Here's a list of other observations and thoughts from this basketball game, which was also a Matt & Jack tangent special:

1. The Raps shot 4-22 from thee point range, which probably has something to do with James Johnson in the starting lineup. Hopefully DeRozan can increase his efficiency beyond the arc, as teams will certainly start packing the paint against the starting five due to the lack of shooting.

2. Speaking of the starting lineup lacking spacing, Bojan Bodanovic would be a perfect fit during the absence of DeMarre Carroll. While he obviously won't bring the defensive abilities of Carroll, his 33.6% three point shooting would certainly play nicely next to DeMar. During the probably Nets firesale at the deadline, it could be possible Masai could flip a second round pick him, as the Nets are barren in that area.

3. #BARGNANIREVENGE happened over a minute and a half stretch to begin the fourth quarter as he made 1 of 2 free throws and a basket on the next possession to start the quarter on a 3-0 Nets run.

4. Joe Johnson has never looked more disinterested in the game of basketball than he did on the floor tonight. Poor Iso Joe.

5. Matt and Jack talked Islanders hockey.

6. Matt and Jack talked Alonzo Mourning.

7. After mentioning it previously pre-game and at the beginning of the first quarter, for the final five minutes of action Matt and Jack repeatedly talked about their impending bus trip to Penn Station followed by a train trip to DC.

The Raptors will look to keep their winning ways against the Wizards going on Friday night.

What did you guys think of the game? Did anyone even watch it?