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Dwane Casey one of five coaches nominated for Eastern Coach of the Month

An interesting development.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
Far be it from me to tell you, concerned Raptors fan, or you, NBA Coach of the Month award voter, how to do your business. But this, from Sportsnet's Eric Smith, sure is interesting, isn't it?
The full list of nominees for the Coach of the Month award is here.

At this point, in his fifth year as the Raptors' head coach, the pros and cons of Dwane Casey are legion. If you ask one person, they'll tell you about bad end of quarter management, his team's lack of ball movement, and poor substitution patterns. Ask another and they'll point to the team's record and its insistent ability as of late to be both a defensive and offensive high achiever, both of which were done with starters injured.

Ask a third person and you may get asked back the fairly reasonable question: All things being equal, what is it these coaches do anyway?

Anyway, just wanted to leave this here. Go on and give it the what for in the comments.