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Pre-Game Notes - Raptors vs. Pistons: Drummond is going to be a problem.

Dwane Casey on Andre Drummond's rebounding and hacking.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

The Raptors play host to the Pistons tonight. Check out the game preview from our Harsh Dave, right here. And make sure to keep up with tonight's GameTthread.

To hold you over until game time, here's a few notes from Dwane Casey's pre-game media scrum on how the Raptors will approach handling Andre Drummond tonight.

*On the challenge Drummond is going to pose to Jonas Valanciunas and the rest of the Raptors' bigs:

Offensive rebounding, he just brutally kicks everybody's behind if you're not ready and alert. That's what I think it was with (Robin) Lopez the other night we didn't do a good job of keeping him off the boards the first two or three possessions ... That was one of the things going against New York. And Drummond you can multiply it times three because of his athletic ability.

*On whether or not he'd change the NBA's rules relating to hacking (Drummond shoots 35% from the line).

Guys have to learn to make free throws. I think it would be tough to change rules for three or four guys around the league ... I think that's way coaches are leaning toward ... But I would say learn to shoot free throws. As coaches we to use the rules to our advantage to win a game. If a guy's not making free throws you use that to your advantage.

*On the strategy of when to hack guys and if it takes the team doing the fouling out of offensive rhythm.

We've talked about using it being up, we've talked about using it when you're struggling to try and get them out of rhythm. I haven't really seen it really take the offensive team out of rhythm. We used it last year against (DeAndre) and it helped us, got us back in the game ... I haven't experienced the fact that it takes you out of your offensive rhythm.

Are you worried about Drummond tonight?