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This Week in Social: DeRozan and Lowry's bromance encompasses all

DeRozan and Lowry breaking the Internet highlights your (semi-)weekly look inside the lives of the Toronto Raptors.

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There's nothing in sports like a team going on a win streak. As the good times keep rolling, fans and players start feeling better and better about their team's chances at immediate success. What starts out as "things are coming together" turns quickly into "WE'RE WORLD CONQUERERS" and nobody, not even me, is immune.

As the good times have rolled for Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, they've become less bashful about showing off their bromance in public. Even getting a bit meta late this week (we'll get to that), the two have taken jabs at each other on social media, cameo'd in each other's interviews, and generally been actually hilarious in the process. Along with some other highlights mixed in, those clips highlight our week in Raptors' social media.

First off, the two mixed it up on camera in London (bringing thousands of retweets to Raptors HQ editor and rising social media star Harsh Dave).

Then, the two made it meta after Thursday's win against New York.

They also got into some shared congratulations for making the All-Star Game, with Lowry referencing an interview he did on the Dan LeBatard show where he admitted to going for late night McFlurry runs with DeRozan during his pudgier days. We've all been there, man.

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I feel like this is a hard left turn, but we have to talk about Delon Wright this week. He started his social media rise by bringing pizza to the masses.

Then he replaced Patrick Patterson as Rachel David's bestie in this YouTube #content.

Finally, he and Norman Powell continued their initiation by dancing to bad 80's songs. Powell actually doesn't seem to care that much.

See you next week.