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News Item: Sting to play halftime show at Toronto-based NBA All-Star Game

It's a thing that is happening.

Yancho Sabev

The NBA announced this morning that Sting, the musician and sometime actor, will be the half-time entertainment at the NBA All-Star Game. This will all be going down on Sunday, February 14th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, so be sure to set your PVRs and whatnot. Sting is a big deal (ask your parents about him).

Now, there are some obvious -- obvious -- questions to ask here. First, why Sting? Second, and this is also important to consider, why Sting? And finally, let's not over look this here, why, in point of fact, Sting?

I won't mention the even more obvious names the league maybe should have thought to contact for a musical showcase in Toronto. You can take 30 seconds and run down the list yourself in your mind. I hope I'm not reading too much into the idea that there is definitely some kind of rift between MLSE and Drake. I'll just let that lay.

If you're wondering what Sting has been up to lately, after his heyday in the 80s with The Police and a solo career that has navel-gazed right on into oblivion, you can scan his Wikipedia page like I did. When you get to the end of that, there will be one main question to ask, of the league and of the universe:

Why Sting?