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Dinos & Digits: Anatomy of a Streak

Another instalment of Dinos & Digits, where we look at five interesting Raptors stats.

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Welcome back to Dinos & Digits, a place where we dive into the box scores and find five interesting or strange Raptors statistics and put them on front street for discussion. There will be a mix of both individual player and team statistics to explore, ranging from raw box score numbers to some interesting and funky advanced metrics.

So, let's get down to it. Here are this week's interesting digits:

The Raptors have had an average point differential of +12.8 over the nine-game win streak, the third best mark in the entire NBA over that span (and first in the Eastern Conference).

They've also outscored opponents by an average of 4.6 points in fourth quarters during that period, the second best mark in the league.

The five-man lineup of Kyle LowryCory Joseph, Terrence Ross, Patrick Patterson, and Bismack Biyombo has a Net Rating of 29.3 in 78 minutes of action during the streak.

That's the best Net Rating of any five-man combination in the entire Association with a minimum of 50 minutes played over that span. That lineup got some love in this space last week, but they've been so impactful (particularly to start fourth quarters), that they deserve another look.

During the streak, the Raptors have had a Net Rating of 23.0 in Cory Joseph's 229 minutes of action, compared to a -0.2 mark in his 208 minutes on the bench.

That represents the best and worst on/off marks on the entire team, respectively. CoJo's been on one, to say the least.

The Raptors have had an Assist Percentage of 49.3% during the streak, the worst mark in the entire NBA over that span.

For better or worse, the Raptors' offence simply isn't predicated on assisted baskets. On the season, their 51.1% Assist Percentage ranks them 29th in the NBA.

Lucas Nogueira has posted a True Shooting Percentage (weighted twos, threes, and free throws) of 150.0% during the streak.

Sure, it's because he's only attempted one shot in four minutes played, but it was a nailed three-pointer (the first of his career) and that's absolutely worth celebrating with a stat blurb.

And this glorious YouTube vid:

And this post we had about it.

Yeah, we love us some Bebe around these parts, if you couldn't tell.

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