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NBA London 2016: Listen to Masai Ujiri, Luis Scola and more from O2 Arena

Here are the interviews from our post-game coverage of Raptors vs. Magic in London, England.

Leo Mason-USA TODAY Sports

The Raptors are on their way out of London after successfully fending off the Orlando Magic yesterday in overtime 106-103. Read the full game recap here. Afterwards, as per usual, the Raptors players spoke with the media. Out of the ordinary, however, was the appearance of Toronto's GM Masai Ujiri, who also answered questions.

Check out the links below to listen to all of the audio captured in and around the Raptors game yesterday in London.

Masai Ujiri on basketball in Africa

- You can really here how passionate Ujiri is about basketball and his home continent. Great stuff.


- There's the usual post-game talk here from Scola, but he also gets a chance to talk up (or down, really) his thoughts on more NBA games in Europe.

Cory Joseph from London

- More takes from Joseph post-game on the crowd and the atmosphere. Plus, it's cool to hear Joseph talk about going to the NBA Finals.

Patrick Patterson talks

Patrick Patterson talks - More post-game chatter, but Patterson expresses some thoughts and feelings about playing in London.

Bismack Biyombo holds court

- Biyombo answers questions in English and French. Honestly, just listen. This is great stuff.

And that's all from London. It's been another impressive and entertaining showing for the NBA in Europe.