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This Week in Social: Ace to be in London, innit?

Of course, a trip to London, England highlights your weekly look inside the lives of the Toronto Raptors.

Leo Mason-USA TODAY Sports

Though I just can't see the NBA expanding to include a division across the pond, there's nevertheless something romantic about regular season basketball games played overseas. It provides a change of scenery, sure -- but the talk from the players gives you the feeling that they appreciate the opportunity to travel and bond together. The Toronto Raptors have once again been quick to bond this season, and on this 4-0 stretch, it's apparent that they think this is just the beginning of their coming together as a unit.

That was apparent all over social media this week, so here's the best of the bunch from a week with only one game, but a ton of tweets, 'grams and what-not. Tally-ho!

After a few more friendly jabs in front of the press this week, the bromance of Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan continues to overshadow the Bebe-Bruno undercard. They continued the max friendship this week, voting for each other in the NBA All-Star vote...

And taking a picture with the London landscape. Something tells me DeMar will want to be back this off-season.

Tourist type things @demar_derozan #bigben#itsreallifebrickouhere#london

A photo posted by Kyle Lowry (@kyle_lowry7) on

In other Kyle Lowry news, you may have heard he got his own Roots collection late last year, and went full onesie on the team flight overseas.

DeRozan also tweeted his un-sponsored love for London after a day of tourist activities.

A brief diversion now for Bismack Biyombo, rolling to the game in an outfit worthy of ALL the mirror selfies.

Finally, we close on a pair of #squadphotos, reminiscent of all those other teams who have made international trips in years past.

Out here in London ! @demarrecarroll1 where you at? #Thankful #Bless #Biznation

A photo posted by Bismack Biyombo (@bismackbiyombo) on

See you next week.