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NBA London 2016: Listen to interviews from Raptors practice including Ujiri, Bruno and more

Listen to the audio from the Raptors media availability at practice today in London, England.

James Plowright

The Raptors held a practice today at the O2 Arena in London ahead of their game against the Orlando Magic tomorrow night. Unfortunately, the team bus was late, so media availability didn't last as long as usual. I still managed to track down a number of Raptors players and officials.

Below are links to the audio files for each interview and a summary of the discussion questions/topics. Have a listen.

Andy Greer - Assistant Coach

  • How the defensive system Greer has installed in Toronto is different to last year.
  • How the new system helps Jonas Valanciunas defensively.
  • Which defensive statistics do you value most?
  • NBA Trends on the lack of offensive rebounding, turnovers and the three point shot.
  • How to defend a dribble hand off.
  • How to defend the paint in the NBA.
  • How influential has Bismack been to the Raptors defense?

Patrick Patterson

  • Patterson's experience of London so far and his fascination of black cab drivers.
  • The popularity of Fifa 16 in the Raptors locker room.
  • The potential of a London NBA Franchise.
  • The effect of Drake on the Raptors international fan base.
  • The UK celebrity you would like to see in a Raptors jersey.
  • What music is played in your locker room on game day.
  • Predictions for the Magic game.

Masai Ujiri

  • How have you used being African to do business in the NBA?
  • How the NBA is affecting Africa?
  • What is the (basketball) talent like in Africa?
  • What emotions did you feel when honouring Nelson Mandela?
  • Will Victor Oladipo play for Nigeria?
  • What can the African Basketball Championships do for Nigeria?

Bismack Biyombo

  • Do you feel more at home in Toronto with it being an international city?
  • If the Raptors can win the Eastern Conference.
  • Have you caught any of the African Basketball Championships?
  • (Question in French)

Bruno Caboclo

  • Areas of the game Bruno is focussing on improving.
  • On if staying and playing in the pros overseas is better than coming to the NBA and not playing.
  • How effective is the D-League at preparing you for the NBA?
  • Relationship with Bebe.
  • Experience of London so far.
  • On if Bruno will sample some Fish & Chips in London.

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