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Magic Johnson Lists His Top Six Teams In The East, Doesn't Include Raptors

"The 7th & 8th spots are up for grabs!"

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It is mostly (entirely?) in jest, but I was a little excited to see Magic Johnson tweet about basketball again yesterday. His straight forward approach and penchant for stating the obvious provides the tiny bit of entertainment I yearn while I browse Twitter for hours at a time.

But Magic will also drop a prediction once in awhile, and on the state of the Eastern Conference, he had this to say:

I would probably swap the Bucks for the Raptors but I also might manage a Raptors site, and honestly, those very well could be the top six teams in terms of seeding at the end of the season.

Which has me thinking, from the outside looking in, do people outside of Toronto generally think the team has actually taken a step back this season based on their acquisitions? Or are we being judged by our sub-par (putting it lightly) playoff performance last April? Or is it because winning the division doesn't matter anymore and it's hard to muster up any respect for the defending (two-time!) Atlantic Division champs?