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Dwane Casey says Jonas Valanciunas "should" finish games this season

The big man's fourth quarter minutes have been a hot topic. Will there be more for him this season?

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, there was plenty of criticism laid on coach Dwane Casey for his handling of Jonas Valanciunas' minutes, especially late in games. Casey's preference throughout 2014-15 was to finish with Amir Johnson and Patrick Patterson in the frontcourt, as it gave the Raptors more flexibility to guard pick and roll.

This year, with Amir gone in a roster shake-up, it appears that Casey expects that Valanciunas should be ready for some late-game pressure situations. He talked about it at length during media day:

The entire Dwane Casey media session can be seen here.

How do you feel about this declaration from coach?