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Skinny Kyle Lowry Is Here and "More Aerodynamic"

Teammates and media alike weigh in (pun intended) on point guard Kyle Lowry's big reveal.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this summer, Kyle Lowry went all #BreakTheInternet when a picture of him surfaced looking thinner than we've ever seen him. Well, it's media day, and Skinny Kyle has revealed himself in full. Verdict: he is very skinny.

Lowry looking super svelte.

A photo posted by @stackmack on

The pictures tell one story, but the reaction of his teammates is the icing on the cake. DeMar DeRozan mentioned he had Lowry come to Los Angeles so he could see the progress in person, adding his own adjective.

Patrick Patterson had the line of the morning so far, though, when asked what he said to Lowry in the locker room before coming out to greet the media:

I've never seen this before. You've always been this short, chunky, bulldog fat kid that I've known since my first year in the NBA. To see you like this, it's like the evil twin brother.

Fast forward to 1:43 for the full quote.

Obviously, this is great news for the Raptors, as a healthier Lowry will help keep him, well, healthy as the season goes on. Beyond that, how else do you see Skinny Kyle helping the Raptors?