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Done Deal: Raptors Sign Anthony Bennett

He's coming home.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, regardless of how you felt about the rumours circulating a couple of days ago about the Raptors' interest in Anthony Bennett, now's the time you talk yourself into it now that it looks to be done.

There's No Place Like Home @raptors

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Bennett will be competing with Patterson, Scola, and small-ball 4s James Johnson and DeMarre Carroll for minutes at the Power Forward spot. At a one year deal, the risk for the Raptors is completely mitigated. For Bennett, hopefully this affords him the comfort of being home and helps him find his footing in the NBA. We also have to hope the media attention and fan pressure from people wanting him to succeed doesn't hinder his progress.

It's important to temper expectations, as Bennett's been mostly terrible in his two years in the NBA. Injuries, circumstances, and his lack of fitness haven't helped things, but he's got a long way to go before he becomes a valuable contributor for a playoff team. His strong performance for Canada at the Pan-Am Games and FIBA Americas was a good start and he'll have to continue building on that.

In any case, we've finally got our long-coveted 1st-overall pick Canadian from Minnesota! It also makes two Canadians on the Raptors' roster, after Cory Joseph was signed earlier this summer.

How do you feel about this deal?