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At Raptors 905 Tryout, Some Players Were Good, Some Were Not

They handed out free jerseys though, and they were reversible

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

The Raptors 905 (did we decide on if we're calling them by their full name, or just the 905s) team held their open auditions this past weekend and Morgan Campbell of The Toronto Star was there to capture the sights and sounds in this piece.

Having our own D-League team is a huge boon for the Raptors, specifically as it relates to the development of Bruno Caboclo, who spent time with the non-affiliated Mad Ants last season and received very little guidance or consistent minutes. This year, there will be more structure for him and any of the draft picks (Norman Powell?) who end up spending time there.

My favorite tidbit about the tryout from Campbell's piece: every player (there were 75 of them) who paid $225 to $275 to try out received two tickets to a regular season game and a reversible Raptors 905 practice jersey.

I've always had a thing for reversible practice jerseys, which makes me realize I probably would have paid that money just for the swag, and then just accepted whatever punishment I was going to receive on the court.

Did any of our readers try out, or know someone who did?