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Canada Falls To Argentina 94-87 In FIBA Americas Opener

Luis Scola showed Raptors fans why he is a superstar on the international stage.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Canadian basketball fans had many reasons to be optimistic about their team heading into the FIBA Americas tournament, which offered the team a chance to qualify for the Olympics. Those reasons include Andrew Wiggins, Cory Joseph, and a long list of established/ up and coming NBA players who form the core for what should be a competitive international squad for the next decade and beyond.

Except, there are other established teams on this stage, and Canada ran into one of them in their tournament opener on Tuesday, as Argentina came away with a 94-87 victory.

For Raptors fans, they got a close look at Luis Scola, who scored 35 points (18 in the third quarter) and grabbed 13 rebounds in the victory. Scola is a FIBA legend. He played on the Argentinian junior national team as early as 1995. Scola is going for his fourth FIBA Americas Championship gold medal, so yeah, this performance wasn't necessary a surprise.

Canada will get right back at it tomorrow, with a matchup against Cuba that starts at 3:30 pm est.

What did everybody think?