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Let's argue about this ranking of the top 50 players in Raptors history

Please review HoopsHype's list and make value judgements.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the basketball season still stubbornly far away we can always look for comfort in rankings. Ah yes, nothing beats a good list of names, one on top of the other, building towards the euphoria of a number one. Rankings tell us all is right in the world, that things will proceed in order. We can find peace in rankings. We need them in our lives, and most importantly in sports. (It's what the whole thing is based on, really.)

Now I admit, it's been too long since I've reviewed some rankings. To that end, a couple of days ago this HoopsHype list appeared: The Top 50 Players in Toronto Raptors History. Why don't you peruse it and meet me back here.

[waits patiently]

No surprise at number one, am I right? Not even with number two, either. I won't spoil it for the rest of you who didn't click the link, but you should. Once you do, you can decide how correct this list is. Then you can get in the comments and we can fight about it. It's the end of the summer, the NBA is still not here, and you should be angry.

Just to get you started: This list ranks Andrea Bargnani higher than Charles Oakley.