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Spotted: Kevin Durant at Drake's OVOFest, Hanging Out With DeMar DeRozan In A David Price Jersey

I just wrote my favorite headline to an article ever.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a decent day in Toronto. David Price made his debut with the Blue Jays and threw eight strong innings in a victory over the Minnesota Twins (not a baseball blog, but we're tied for the second wild card!). In attendance: Kevin Durant, who like many other A-list NBA players and celebrities, come to town this time of year, partly for the annual OVOFest hosted by Drake.

Durant was at the Jays game, and he, of course, is at Drake's show tonight, hanging out with DeMar DeRozan while rocking a David Price jersey no less:

"All of this means nothing, LOL," you say. To which I reply: you're probably right, but I hope you too go to sleep tonight thinking about the possibility of Durant in a Raptors jersey. Maybe they should fine KD for tampering this year.